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Ryze Hydrogen


Ryze Hydrogen Green Energy company logo supplying Green Jobs in the UK


Ryze Hydrogen supplies the UK’s Hydrogen and Hydrogen Infrastructure, creating green energy jobs and supporting vital progress towards Net Zero. Ryze supplies organisations wanting to decarbonise their operations through use of clean hydrogen. For heavy-duty vehicles and long range fleet operators, through to industry, and domestic energy users. Ryze provides a simple and affordable conversion to hydrogen to lower emissions.

Having consulted for Ryze Hydrogen on a number of successful placements over the past two years, we already held a strong appreciation for the requirements, culture, and direction of the company. After it becoming apparent that there was growing pressure on the recruitment needs at Ryze and its associated businesses we proposed an RPO model which allowed us to dedicate one of our trained Executive Search Consultants to manage their requirements on a full-time basis.

This on-going agreement has given Ryze the stability to reach the best candidates possible whilst simultaneously boosting their brands profile and increasing outreach. We continue to achieve this through various methodologies, summarised below;

·        Reactive

-        Creating hiring content and promoting under the brand name of the division – attracting candidates and boosting the company profile.

-        Pushing news of hiring into appropriate channels e.g., Industry groups, professional networking sites and conferences

-        Qualifying the suitability of candidates and either managing the process going forward or dealing with unsuitable applicants in the appropriate manner to avoid any negative association with the brands.

·        Strategic

-        Fostering relationships with the right academic platforms. Replicating where other businesses have had success by building a network with Professors of suitable disciplines at top- tier academic institutions such as Oxford University

-        Planning graduate hiring for future years, and help designing a hiring roadmap.

·        Direct Recruitment

-        Focus on either Core Business Functions (on-going and frequent hires) and One-off Appointments

-        Supported by our Market Analyst and market-leading database, we will be consistently mapping, and engaging with a set talent pool

-        Run full recruitment processes from end-to-end

·        Speculative Hiring

-        Through completing the above we have alternative options arise, which we share with Ryze on a speculative basis.


We have placed mid-level and senior candidates within the company across; Leadership, Business Development, Commercial Management, Engineering, Strategy, Finance, Production and Operations.