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for Mint Selection

  • Vladyslav Klimchenko

    Vladyslav Klimchenko

    FP&A Analyst - ViGo Bioenergy (Vitol)

    ​I’d like to recommend Paula as a great talent sourcer. She successfully led me all the way through interview process for Financial analyst in FP&A position at Vigo Bioenergy GmbH (Vitol), putting special attention to describing best way to communicate with the future team. I appreciate her circling back after each call asking for feedback and assured I’m aware of role/company specifics. It was a comfortable and beneficial relationship, always keeping in candidate’s best interests. First week at the company went smooth and as expected. Great thanks for all your hard work and meaningful conversations.

  •  Sergio Zappulo

    Sergio Zappulo

    Head of Development - Green Nation

    ​Gary recently supported me in the process of getting an offer from my new employee. I really enjoyed working with Gary, he is easy to work with, approaches everything with clarity and knowledge, and is clearly prepared before meetings and calls to ensure the best outcomes. Gary is also a good communicator and negotiator, is persuasive and considers the wider context of situations and potential consequences. He is confident in steering situations towards swift and positive outcomes. I look forward to continuing to work with Gary.

  • Hafiz Milhan

    Hafiz Milhan

    Grid Connections Manager - Statera Energy

    ​Oli was extremely helpful in securing my new role that aligns well with my career aspirations in the energy industry. Oli is skilled, dedicated, friendly and approachable. He has proven to be transparent and reliable consistently and has gone above and beyond what could be expected. I always felt supported throughout the process and cannot recommend him enough.

  • Pawel Szawlowski

    Pawel Szawlowski

    Business Development Director - Vortex Energy

    ​I am delighted to take this opportunity to recommend Aneta Carter for her exceptional skills as a recruiter. I had the privilege of being a candidate in a recruitment process expertly managed by Aneta, and I am impressed with her professionalism, dedication, and remarkable ability to match candidates with their ideal roles. From the outset of the recruitment process, Aneta demonstrated a profound understanding of the industry and the specific qualifications needed for the role. Her clear communication and transparency throughout the process were incredibly reassuring, keeping me informed at every step and providing valuable insights into the company's expectations. Aneta's attention to detail stood out as she aligned my skills, experience, and aspirations with the position's requirements. She went the extra mile to understand my career goals and ensured that the roles she presented were not only aligned with my background but also had the potential to foster my professional growth. Aneta's dedication to fostering positive candidate experiences is truly commendable. Her timely responses, thoughtful follow-ups, and genuine interest in my journey reflect her commitment to building lasting relationships. It's evident that she values both the candidate's and the company's needs, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved. If you're seeking a recruiter who combines professionalism, empathy, and a keen eye for talent, Aneta Carter is the one you can trust.

  • Ben Hutcherson

    Ben Hutcherson

    Investment Banking Associate - Evercore

    Ed was extremely helpful and transparent throughout the process, and I would highly recommend working with him. It was highly beneficial to have someone to talk through the process with and Ed regularly made himself available for check-ins. Ed’s guidance and advice was crucial in achieving a positive outcome.

  • Christopher Bray

    Christopher Bray

    Investment Associate - Statera Energy

    ​Ed and I worked together on a recent recruitment process which resulted in my being placed in my current role. Ed was highly professional throughout the process, knowledgeable, and always made himself available for any Q&A at each stage. It was great working with him and I would highly recommend Ed and the broader team at Mint for anyone looking for a new role in the energy transition space.

  • Arnaud de Lavallaz

    Arnaud de Lavallaz

    Quantitative Analytics Director - Statera Energy

    "I have found my dream job thanks to Mint Selection, who have shown great care and professionalism throughout the whole hiring process. Charlie is quite simply the best head-hunter I have come across in my career and I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone in the energy/infrastructure industry. He supported me through the interview stages with helpful preparation and constructive feedback, always taking into account the interests of both parties and managing expectations skilfully. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the industry and his remarkable people skills, Charlie helped me succeed in this important career move and I am ever so grateful to him and his team at Mint Selection."

  • Nihat Can Koseoglu

    Nihat Can Koseoglu

    Contracts and Commercial Manager - Mitsubishi Investments

    "​Izzy is an outstanding professional in all aspects of human resources, starting from searching and finding the suitable candidate for the role and managing the entire process smoothly till the end. She does not hesitate to go the extra mile and provide the candidate with all the information he/she may possibly need. She's great at communicating with people and very well organized. She makes sure the candidate is well aware of the details of the process in a timely manner as it unfolds and evolves. Most importantly, she understands the candidates' thought process and communicates this valuable information to hiring managers properly -which is an extremely rare quality in the sector. I would definitely recommend working with her."​​

  • Joao Pedro Bekenn

    Joao Pedro Bekenn

    Asset Manager - Generate Capital

    ​"I worked with Ed on a recent placement and had a very positive experience overall. Ed and the wider team at Mint Selection have all the required soft skills for candidate placement, but what I was impressed with the most was the team's understanding of specific market fundamentals, whilst navigating the recruitment process. I was left impressed by their knowledge of what the role at hand require and what necessary skills were needed to fit it."

  • Eric Nils Bran

    Eric Nils Bran

    Investment Associate - ViGo Bioenergy

    ​"I highly recommend Ben, a remarkable headhunter specializing in the renewables sector, for his exceptional expertise and dedication in helping me secure my new job. He possesses a deep understanding of the job market in renewables and provided valuable guidance throughout the process. Thanks to Ben, I landed an incredible opportunity that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations in the renewable energy industry. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable partner in their renewable energy job search".

  • Hayden Scott-Dye

    Hayden Scott-Dye

    Head of Engineering & Construction - Vantage RE

    ​"Best recruiter I have come into contact with. Straight down the line, prompt, personable, thorough and great to get a view and thoughts from. Nice to have someone to trust and lean on during the selection process".

  • Jonathan Grössl

    Jonathan Grössl

    Lead Electrical Engineer - Statera Energy

    ​I highly recommend Oliver for his exceptional expertise and dedication in securing my new job. His personalized approach, attention to details and insightful guidance made the entire process seamless and rewarding.

  • Ralf Filz

    Ralf Filz

    Head of Finance - ViGo Bioenergy GmbH

    “A very good and successful experience because Ben has found the right candidate for us, exactly what we had set as requirements at the beginning. And the entire process until completion of the action was also very well managed by Ben".

  • Karishma Merchant

    Karishma Merchant

    Head of Valuation - John Laing Group Plc

    ​"Charlie helped me make my last career move. He ensured that everything moved smoothly and efficiently. He understood the requirements of the new role very well and was able to explain it perfectly to me. I really appreciated all his support and guidance throughout the process. I cannot thank him enough for all the conversations and the enormous patience he has. He truly went out of his way help make the transition as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Charlie to potential candidates looking for new roles."

  • Richard Beard

    Richard Beard

    Investment Analyst - Vitol

    "​Ed is great - very professional and compassionate with those he works with. Addressed all of my questions and kept me informed throughout the process. Highly recommend working with Ed!"

  • Milo Fabian

    Milo Fabian

    Manager at Dixon Wilson

    "​I would highly recommend Ed, who has been nothing but helpful, clear and professional, and a good listener throughout the whole process of finding a job. He is very attentive, proactive, and quick to respond."

  • Rodrigo Mendes

    Rodrigo Mendes

    Senior Construction Project Manager - P3P Partner

    ​"Hayley was very helpful during the recruitment and interviewing stages I went through recently. Thanks to her I was able to join a successful organisation within the renewable energy industry. Everything went so smoothly thanks to her great support and attitude. I can easily recommend her to anyone looking for a new role within the green energy sector."

  • James Bolland

    James Bolland

    Commercial Energy Analyst - Statera Energy

    ​"Theo contacted me about the role I’m now employed in, and guided me through the recruitment process with efficiency and thoughtfulness throughout. He was always very responsive so it was a smooth and easy process from my side of things."

  • Nick Ploumis

    Nick Ploumis

    Head of Production - Ryze Hydrogen

    ​"Izzy presented me with a great employment opportunity, virtually tailored to my skillset, experience and aspirations. She has facilitated all interactions, provided concise and meaningful feedback and guided me very confidently through multiple interview stages and even mediated in the contract negotiations. The end result has been my accepting an offer to join a great company. Izzy has been a consummate professional in all our interactions. I highly recommend her."

  • David de Ulibarri

    David de Ulibarri

    Head of Asset Management - Vantage RE Ltd.

    "​Regarding the interaction with you (Charlie), I have to say the conversation we had at Jo and the Juice was the best I have ever had with a recruiter. You showed great knowledge of the market, very good insights, pieces of advice... You were also honest and presented the different options and their pros and cons clearly. You really helped me forming my decision. Overall, a very good experience with Mint Selection. It is a shame I didn't meet you before!"

  • Emily Becalick

    Emily Becalick

    Financial Controller - Q-Energy

    ​"Ed placed me at a job which suited me perfectly! He also guided me through the process at each stage with regular check-ins. Many thanks Ed, appreciate it."

  • Chris Spicer

    Chris Spicer

    Head of Finance - DGE

    ​"Ed is a very knowledgeable and professional consultant. He had a great understanding of my requirements for a role and with his market expertise found a fantastic opportunity. Frequent and open communication throughout the process had a positive impact and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new role."

  • Gary Goldsmith

    Gary Goldsmith

    Site Manager - Statera Energy Operations

    ​"I found Izzy from Mint selection incredibly professional from the initial approach to myself right up to the signing of contracts. I was kept fully informed and up to date throughout the whole recruitment process. I highly recommend Mint selection regarding selection, recommendations and processing of engineering and professional candidates for the energy sector. A truly 5 star service"

  • Tom King

    Tom King

    Senior Sustainability Advisor - Bouygues UK

    "Mint Selection helped me understand the market and gave me the confidence to approach my own work. Charlie is a knowledgeable consultant who sought to understand my situation and ambition. I will be sure to use Mint selection in the future."​​

  • James Thatcher

    James Thatcher

    Commercial Executive - Ryze Hydrogen

    ​"Freya was very helpful and professional throughout the recruitment process. She was always available to field questions and assist with scheduling interviews. Would highly recommend her during your search".

  • Lee Roberts

    Lee Roberts

    Business Development Executive - Ryze Hydrogen

    ​"Ed originally approached me about a role back in November 2021. Although I later declined the role for several reasons, the same opportunity rekindled 6 months later, at which point Ed and Charlie guided me through the process successfully.I've not been involved in such a professional recruitment process before, and both Ed and Charlie were fantastic in terms of keeping me up to date and ensuring that I had all available information and guidance at my disposal. Knowledgeable and personable: I'd highly recommend to both employers and job seekers alike."

  • Lu Zhang

    Lu Zhang

    Principal Consultant - Enzen Global Ltd.

    ​​“I would like to say big thank-you to Freya and Charlie for getting me the offer from FRV Powertek. Freya is very professional and helped me answer lots of questions during the recruitment process. She also introduced me to the company and its manager, arranged the interviews, and explained the details of the role thoroughly. She responded to my questions promptly and it was great to work with her. Her hard-work is much appreciated, and I am very happy to recommend her." ​

  • Colin Murphy

    Colin Murphy

    Engineering Manager - Statera Energy

    ​"Theo was the recruitment consultant who sourced me and worked on my placement into my current employer. I found Theo to be diligent, courteous and informed. I have dealt with many recruitment consultants over the years and have found Theo to be the most transparent and clear of those I have dealt with . He worked hard to address any concerns I had and I found communications to be straight forward and to the point.. I would highly recommend Theo and I look forward to working with him again in the future".

  • Gemma Cusworth

    Gemma Cusworth

    Lead Process Engineer - Statera Energy

    ​"Theo helped pace me into my current job - he was very professional, with great attention to detail and was a good communicator. I would recommend him!"

  • Pablo Borondo

    Pablo Borondo

    Commercial Analyst - Hygen Energy

    "​I had the pleasure of having Theo help me in my recent job search process through Mint Selection. It was a very smooth experience with great results. Theo was very helpful throughout the different steps, always being available, and paying great attention to detail. Overall, a very competent and kind person to work with!"

  • Monika Blachowska

    Monika Blachowska

    Finance - Statera Energy

    ​"It was fantastic to meet and work with Izzy, who is an exceptional Search consultant. She has hands-on approach to career advice. She consistently demonstrated a solid work-ethic by being supportive and making sure that a potential candidate is the right one for an available position. She is very enthusiastic, dedicated and makes sure that employees understand how their job performance will affect the company’s operations."

  • Saad Ali

    Saad Ali

    Head of Data Science - P3P Partners

    ​“I strongly recommend Hayley to anyone looking for a new job in Energy Industry. Throughout, she was extremely helpful and supportive. Hayley spent time getting to know my skills, experience, and career goals before matching me with opportunities that were a perfect fit. She provided invaluable insights and advice during the process. She always went above and beyond to ensure my success.”

  • Chiko Wade

    Chiko Wade

    Business Development Manager - Green Nation

    “Working with Hayley was a pleasure. I was not actively seeking a new role and if I were to move from my previous employer (who are great), I had pretty specific and challenging criteria. Hayley understood this and found an opportunity that met my requirements. Throughout the process, Hayley was in constant communication and made a point to ensure the new role was right for me. I never felt pressured or the need to repeat or chase for anything. A great communicator with excellent understanding and people centric. Would highly recommend.”

  • Sara Budd

    Sara Budd

    Operations Manager - Minibems Ltd

    "​Freya was very attentive and kept me updated throughout the recruitment process. With her support I've been offered an exciting position within an industry I'm passionate about. The friendly touch made all the difference and I will most certainly look to work with her again in the future, for all my recruitment needs. The level of detail provided by all points of contact at Mint Selection, was 1st class and gave me the confidence that they understand the companies they are working with. Thank you Freya & the Mint Selection Team!"

  • Estela Corbacho

    Estela Corbacho

    Business Development Manager (H2) - FRV

    ​"Hayley was very supportive all along the selection process. She was available for questions and provided guidelines and tips on the best way to present my application. The same when resigning at my previous company. Changing jobs is an exigent process, thanks for the support and availability. It made it much easier.”

  • Isla Medland

    Isla Medland

    Document Controller - Statera Energy

    ​“Hayley recently secured me a new role that I was persuing. She has a great attitude and has lots of knowledge within the industry. I recommend her to anybody looking for a role within the clean energy sector.”

  • Curtis Higgins

    Curtis Higgins

    Asset Manager - Green Nation

    "​Hayley helped me to achieve my first role as an Asset Manager. It has been a pleasure to co-operate with her on shifting my career into a very new role. I found Hayley to be highly professional, supporting and motivating throughout the whole process. She was also very reachable keeping a high level of contact throughout, always happy to help and able to answer most questions, or find out the answers very quickly. This made the whole process highly productive and meant that I had a very positive experience."

  • Agustin Rodriguez

    Agustin Rodriguez

    Project Development Manager - Alfanar Energia Espana

    ​"Hayley is great at her job! She understands perfectly well the needs of her clients. Also, I do appreciate how, as a candidate, she helped me out through the whole recruitment process with good advice and constant support. Thanks a lot, Hayley! You made the transition very smooth for me."

  • Tony Crane

    Tony Crane

    Development Director: Energy Infrastructure - Engie UK

    "​Mint Selection supported me earlier this year on team recruitment and stood out against other consultants I had previously worked with.Their methodical approach to prospective candidate identification and regular dialogue was refreshing and they unearthed some very strong candidates."

  • George Arnold

    George Arnold

    Project Engineer - Statera Energy

    "Great working with Izzy. Fast to respond to any query and made sure I had all the information I required throughout the interview process."​​

  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Renewable Energy Project Development Manager -Corporate Energy Fund

    "​Mint selection helped me make my last career move. I cannot rate them highly enough. Charlie supported me through each step of the process, making sure to give me plenty of his time and as much information in the company, role and process as possible. This continued beyond offer acceptance right until I had settled in to my new role. They were continually proactive and impressively well informed, not just on the recruitment process but also on the power industry. I highly recommend them to potential candidates for new positions."

  • Maite Zufriategui

    Maite Zufriategui

    HR Manager - Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV)

    "​Charlie led our requests with great commitment and with an outstanding attitude. He is committed to find candidates who have a very good fit for the role (technical skills) and Company's culture (soft skills). Great communication along all the phases of the process. Keeping candidates and Company aligned."

  • 	 James Haigh

    James Haigh

    Asset Manager - Green Nation

    ​"Huge thanks to Hayley for her help in allowing me to be successful in landing my new role - I'm most grateful for her approaching me about the opportunity that arose, and all credit to her for matching my skill set to the position that I'm very much looking forward to and with which I anticipate me being very satisfied. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all your help throughout the process."

  • Jordan Lewis

    Jordan Lewis

    Plant Engineer - Statera Energy Operations

    ​"Had a great experience working with Izzy, every part of the process was smooth, friendly and informative, and can't thank her enough for finding me a great job!"

  • Ross Kirkland

    Ross Kirkland

    Business Development Project Manager - Ryse

    ​"Mint Selection were critical in securing my dream job. I can't recommend their services enough - Charlie & Izzy really went above and beyond to guide me through the recruitment journey and I'm very grateful for their support."