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​Experts in Renewable Energy Recruitment

At Mint Selection we serve as trusted partners who drive success and progress within the renewable energy sector. Utilising market expertise and data-led talent solutions, our team specialise in identifying opportunities and fostering collaborative relationships to deliver an exceptional experience.

We invest the time to understand your motivations, and thrive on building long-term relationships through market intelligence, genuine care, considered advice and shared commitment. We facilitate seamless expansion for our clients and unlock the potential of our candidates.

With established roots across Renewable Energy, Green Transport, Energy Storage and Hydrogen, we operate with credibility and connectivity. Our goal is to transcend the traditional recruitment landscape and redefine the standards of excellence in end-to-end talent solutions.

Committed to you

As a leading executive search firm, we bring a professional approach and unique positioning in terms of service offering and industry knowledge. Our breadth of expertise enables us to support people throughout their careers, from middle management right through to the boardroom. We also work as close partners to our clients, providing an end-to-end talent solution introducing A-Player individuals from classroom to boardroom. We recognise that we have a commitment to you as well as to our client, and we undertake that our dealings with you will be intelligent, transparent and honest.

Re-defining the standards of excellence in end-to-end talent solutions

We use our specialist knowledge and extensive network of contacts alongside our proven search methodology to successfully deliver bespoke search and selection projects. Our best of breed technology platforms, combined with our personal and trusted relationships with candidates, creates environments where true matchmaking is possible.

Our wealth of knowledge on competitor reward schemes, recruitment processes and brand perceptions in each country or region is vital for those clients, ensuring their roles are attractive to the best talent. Partnering our clients to ensure the management team they select is the best in the market means future recruitment is more likely to be successful.

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Senior staff at Mint Selection are accredited to provide detailed analysis with full professional feedback.
*Accredited psychometrics profiling.

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