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Our Services

Executive Search & Selection

Professional services tailored to your long-term needs to attract, select and retain the best people for your business.

Our robust recruitment methodology forms a proven framework. From initial qualification, then into a rigorous and extensive market mapping campaign that targets the best profiles in the market. We are able to manage every stage of the process from engagement to offer, acceptance and initial performance review.

Permanent Recruitment

For a search requirement with a larger talent pool, we work with you to secure the best available individuals active in the market. We support our clients across every phase of a project using our in-house People and Company market maps.

Contractor Services

We offer high-level interim support for clients in transition, handling everything from identification to IR35 compliance, Payroll and Onboarding.

Market Research

With a specific team dedicated to Market Research, we are continually building and improving our in-house databases.

These tools enhance the reach of our dedicated consultants and allow us to offer bespoke research mandates.

Our Segments

Having created a niche within Energy Infrastructure, we’ve supported mandates for a diverse client base including:

Investment Managers

UBS Asset Management, InfraRed Capital Partners, Octopus Renewables, John Laing, Foresight Group, Susi Partners

Trading Houses

(Mitsubishi) Diamond Generating Europe, Marubeni, Vitol Services

Independent Power Producers

FRV, Statera Energy, P3P Partners, Acorn BioEnergy, Ryze Hydrogen


Engie, Shell New Energies


Arenko CleanTech, ElectroRoute


Vantage Re, Roadnight Taylor

Our Sectors

Renewable Generation

Solar, Onshore Wind, Offshore Wind, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion, Geothermal, Wave & Tidal, Heat Pumps

Grid Flexibility

Battery Energy Storage, Alternative Energy Storage, Fast Response, Pumped Storage Hydro, Green Hydrogen Subsurface Storage

Transport Decarbonisation

Electrification, Hydrogen, Alternative Fuels, Emerging Technologies

Green Hydrogen / Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen Production, Distribution, Storage and Re-Fuelling Infrastructure

Our Core Areas

Renewable Energy Asset Management

An Asset Manager working in Renewable Energy is responsible for managing and optimising the life-time performance of a physical Energy Asset.

Energy Investment Management

As the name suggests, Investment Management is about managing investments – choosing which assets to finance in order to get the financial return sought at the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

Portfolio Performance

Within Energy and Infrastructure, Portfolio Performance (also described as Investment Performance or Asset Performance and Analysis) refers to the oversight of a portfolio of physical assets, often at group level.

Energy Project Finance

Project finance is an established debt and equity financing technique used to finance large, high cost, long-duration infrastructure and energy assets.

Renewable Energy Project Development

Regardless of the technology being employed, the process of project development is roughly the same whether it’s for a Battery Energy Storage, Offshore Wind or Waste-to-Energy facility.

Renewable Energy Business Development

Business Development is a term associated with growth and sales. In the context of Renewable Energy, Business Development is the practice of identifying opportunities, both Greenfield and Brownfield (Origination) and progressing them along the typical path of development

Financial Modelling & Asset Valuation

Financial modelling is process of developing a mathematical model designed to represent a simplified version of the performance of a financial asset or portfolio of a business, project, or any other investment.

Trading & Asset Optimisation

The most important difference from other forms of trading is that electricity is produced and consumed instantly. At a national level, electricity cannot be stored, so demand and supply must constantly be balanced in real time. This requirement has led to a significantly different market design compared to other traded commodities.

Commercial Management

Traditionally, there are three phases to the life of a Renewable Energy asset – Development, Build and Operations. Commercial Management features across all three (as does Technical) with different priorities at each stage.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery encompasses the stages of physically building an Energy Asset. This can only begin once the land has been chosen, funding secured, designs signed-off etc. Project Delivery therefore covers the construction phase, to commissioning, to the point of energisation.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is the final project stage of an asset, that comes in to play once the construction comes to an end and the site is ready for energisation. O&M specifically refers to the operational function of a physical energy asset. Anyone involved within the Operations and Maintenance phase will look at the technical ‘on the ground’ functioning of the asset, with a focus on optimisation and reliability.