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Last Energy

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Last Energy stands at the forefront of nuclear energy innovation, specialising in on-site Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology. With a commitment to customer-centric solutions and a steadfast focus on fundamental principles, Last Energy endeavours to revolutionize the energy landscape by scaling nuclear power and enhancing access to clean, affordable electricity.

​Tasked with establishing a formidable presence within the United Kingdom—an indispensable international market—Last Energy sought our expertise, to spearhead their operations. The challenge at hand necessitated the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) possessing a unique blend of top-tier leadership acumen, profound understanding of the UK energy market, expertise in on-site solutions, proficiency in managing complex projects, adeptness in securing corporate funding, familiarity with off-take structures, and adeptness in political engagement.

Operating on a Retained basis, we embarked on a rigorous recruitment journey, aimed at identifying an exceptional CEO to steer Last Energy's UK endeavours to success. Armed with a thorough understanding of Last Energy's requirements and aspirations, we conducted an exhaustive 'market mapping' exercise, meticulously compiling a roster of potential candidates. Through bi-weekly steering meetings, we kept Last Energy abreast of progress, ultimately presenting an impressive shortlist of candidates meticulously selected to fulfil the company's criteria.

A meticulously orchestrated four-stage selection process ensued, wherein we meticulously narrowed down the shortlist to present to Last Energy, with two outstanding finalists. Leveraging our extensive network and industry insights, we facilitated discussions with key decision-makers in policy and industry, expanding Last Energy's network and enhancing their operational footprint in the UK.

Following the successful appointment of the CEO, Last Energy enlisted our support in designing a growth-oriented team structure tailored to their UK operations. Subsequently retained, we then embarked on the recruitment journey to appoint Last Energy's second-in-command—a Commercial Director—further solidifying our partnership and commitment to Last Energy's sustained success.

The collaboration between ourselves and Last Energy epitomises the transformative potential of strategic leadership recruitment in advancing nuclear energy expansion and innovation. Our unwavering dedication to identifying top-tier talent and Last Energy's visionary approach to nuclear technology, was a partnership poised to propel Last Energy's mission of enhancing access to clean, affordable power and reshaping the global energy landscape.