Renewable Energy: Solar panels and energy storage facility in the UK

Statera Energy

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Statera Energy stands at the forefront of renewable energy development, operations, and engineering in the United Kingdom. As a distinguished developer, owner, operator, and EPC provider, Statera Energy specialises in flexible generation and storage solutions. With a robust portfolio spanning Battery Energy Storage, Fast Response, Pumped Hydropower, and Green Hydrogen, they are committed to advancing sustainable energy infrastructure.

​In pursuit of assembling a dynamic team of industry experts, Statera Energy sought our assistance as a premier recruitment agency, on a contingent basis. Referred by InfraRed Capital Partners, we were tasked with identifying a future 'Head of Engineering' to drive Statera Energy's ambitious growth agenda. This collaboration necessitated a comprehensive hiring strategy encompassing market mapping, salary benchmarking, and talent acquisition tailored to Statera Energy's unique needs.

Leveraging its extensive network and industry insights, we meticulously scoured the market to pinpoint candidates possessing the precise blend of industry acumen and technical proficiency sought by Statera Energy. The agency identified an exemplary candidate whose alignment with Statera Energy's vision and requirements proved instrumental in propelling the company's engineering endeavors forward. Subsequently, we continued to provide unwavering support, aiding in the evolution of the selected candidate into the esteemed role of Engineering Director, overseeing a substantial team.

Impressed by our adeptness in talent identification and alignment, Statera Energy chose to retain us on an exclusive basis, creating a partnership that has continued to flourish for 6 years. Throughout this tenure, we have been instrumental in facilitating Statera Energy's remarkable growth trajectory, witnessing the company's team burgeon from a modest cohort of four to a thriving workforce, exceeding 70 professionals.

Our impact extended beyond executive recruitment, extending into the augmentation of Statera Energy's senior leadership team and beyond. The agency facilitated strategic hires across various critical departments, including:

  • Project Development (Land, Planning, Grid)

  • Engineering (Electrical / Civil / Mechanical, C&I)

    Project Delivery (Project Management & Construction Management)

  • Asset Management

  • Commercial Management

  • Finance

  • Trading

  • Quantitative Analytics / Data Science

  • Policy Management

Moreover, we played a pivotal role in fortifying Statera Energy's specialised divisions, encompassing:

  • Battery Storage

  • Pumped Hydro

  • Fast Response (Peaking Plants)

  • Green Hydrogen

Through our steadfast partnership and strategic talent acquisition initiatives, Statera Energy has consolidated its position as a trailblazer in the renewable energy landscape. Empowered by a cadre of seasoned professionals handpicked for their expertise and alignment with Statera Energy's ethos, the company continues to spearhead innovations in flexible generation and storage, driving the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

The collaboration between ourselves and Statera Energy exemplifies the profound impact of strategic talent acquisition in fostering organisational growth and excellence within the renewable energy sector. As Statera Energy continues to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, Mint Selection remains committed to supporting their vision by delivering top-tier talent and unparalleled recruitment solutions.