Wind turbines in the UK producing renewable energy

Diamond Generating Europe Ltd. (DGE)

Diamond Generating Europe logo producing Renewable energy jobs in the UK
Diamond Generating Europe Ltd. (DGE) are a direct subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation - one of the largest Japanese trading and investment firms. They are a new type of energy company providing clean and smart energy across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We were initially approached by DGE to help build out their Asset Management capabilities. Through extensive searching and use of our bespoke database, we have placed Senior positions into the company from Project Directors to CEO positions.

With DGE we have covered the following technologies:

  • Offshore Wind

    Onshore Wind

  • Solar

  • Solar and Water Infrastructure Assets (Middle East)

Since our first placement with DGE, we have continued to work with them on a contingent basis, with a very high success rate. Beyond recruitment services, we have been sought out to advise on talent planning, salary benchmarking and senior appointments into Investee companies.

We work closely with the Leadership of the company; collaboarting as a Partner to manage the process and use our expertise to advise, help them to grow, and surround them with top-calibre candidates in their field.