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About Izzy

​​With several years of experience in Clean Energy Recruiting, Izzy has a strong understanding of the sector which allows her to manage the Operational aspects of Mint Selection with confidence. Izzy has a genuine interest in how technology and renewables are affecting the energy industry and has a passion for creating processes, improving performance and pushing company growth.

What others say:

"Izzy is an outstanding professional in all aspects of human resources, starting from searching and finding the suitable candidate for the role and managing the entire process smoothly till the end. She does not hesitate to go the extra mile and provide the candidate with all the information he/she may possibly need. She's great at communicating with people and very well organized. She makes sure the candidate is well aware of the details of the process in a timely manner as it unfolds and evolves. Most importantly, she understands the candidates' thought process and communicates this valuable information to hiring managers properly -which is an extremely rare quality in the sector. I would definitely recommend working with her."

Nihat Can Koseoglu - Contracts and Commercial Manager, Mitsubishi Investments

​"It was fantastic to meet and work with Izzy, who is an exceptional Search consultant. She has hands-on approach to career advice. She consistently demonstrated a solid work-ethic by being supportive and making sure that a potential candidate is the right one for an available position. She is very enthusiastic, dedicated and makes sure that employees understand how their job performance will affect the company’s operations."

Monika Blachowska - Finance, Statera Energy

Outside of work Izzy loves road-tripping around Europe, house renovation projects, and anything that involves the sea or snow!

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