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Investment Management

Green Energy Finance Jobs: Project Finance, Structured Finance, Corporate Finance and M&A

Mint Selection covers a broad spectrum of Energy Investment Jobs and Green Energy Finance Jobs in London and nationwide. We support clients from their internal finance function through to Project Finance/Investment Management, Asset Management and Intellectual property Investment. We support mid-level to NED hires. Examples of positions we’ve placed include; Investment Managers, Financial Modellers, Asset Managers, Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Analysts, CFO’s, FP&A/Portfolio Performance and variations thereof.

The Energy & Infrastructure Assets sector is constantly evolving, with new technology, regulation and international development shaping the possibilities for those within it. Mint Selection’s dual focus on recruitment/executive search and company acquisition enable us to build stronger partnerships in this domain.

Examples of company types we’ve supported include;

Asset-Backed Investors;

  • Private Equity / Energy & Infrastructure Funds

  • Institutional Investors / Pension Funds / Trusts

  • Infrastructure Debt Funds

Whether it’s Infrastructure, PFI / PPP, Power & Renewables or Natural Resources, our clients either focus in a niche or boast silos across them all. We support the asset-backed Investor type globally and at all levels of seniority.

Intellectual Property Investors;

  • Angel Investors

  • Venture Capital

  • Crowd-sourcing

Partnering with financiers who seek out early-stage, emerging firms with disruptive Clean Technologies is a perfect combination for Mint Selection. Not only are we able to support them with A-Player talent to identify the next breakthrough, but we are able to continue our relationship by introducing exciting startups who are seeking funding.

Asset & IP Investors;

  • Industry Vertical M&A – Utility M&A – Energy Conglomerates M&A

  • Equipment Manufacturer Finance / Vertical Integration M&A

  • Sovereign Wealth

  • Family Office

Typically, larger groups or financial houses with separate teams looking at both high-growth and safe return investments. For example, we work closely with leading Energy conglomerates who’re always on the lookout to invest in disruptive entrepreneurs (IP) but equally interested in acquiring stable assets (Asset-Backed).

Across all investment classes, we support our client’s recruitment and where possible, facilitate mutually beneficial introductions.

Within the world of Energy Finance we also work closely with;


Traditionally relevant for IP Start-ups, Mint selection take pride in facilitating introductions to leading Energy Incubators. Our partners who run these schemes offer programs to supercharge Start-ups tackling challenges around the storage, integration, and update of distributed energy. Accepted introductions receive cash investment and introductions to vast networks of investors and industry leaders.

Government Trade Bodies

Mint Selection also boast relationships with international trade bodies where we can steer our clients when expanding internationally. Respectively, these trade bodies help businesses to export and grow into global markets understanding local customs, tax structures, visa issues, capital flows and more.

Consultancy Partners

Mint Selection has always had a strong affiliation with the advisory firms within the industry. The Infrastructure, Energy & Real Assets space is home to a plethora of specialised boutiques, technical advisors, Big Four and more - each with a very distinct character and deal focus, and we are pleased to have key clients within this category.

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