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Project Development & Construction

French Market

French Market: Project Development & Construction

Project Development Recruitment

We provide comprehensive recruitment solutions for every stage of renewable energy project development. Our clients, ranging from small start-ups to major energy conglomerates, rely on our expertise to find the professionals who will lead their projects to success. Key roles we recruit for include:

  • Project Developers

  • Development Managers

  • Permitting Specialists

  • Environmental Impact Analysts

  • Land Acquisition Managers

  • Community Liaison Officers

Our deep understanding of the French market allows us to identify candidates who not only have the technical skills but also the local knowledge and regulatory expertise needed to navigate France’s unique energy landscape.

Construction Recruitment

Building the future of energy requires skilled professionals who can manage the complexities of renewable energy construction projects. We support our clients by providing top-tier talent for key construction roles, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Positions we specialize in include:

  • Construction Managers

  • Site Engineers

  • Health and Safety Officers

  • Quality Control Inspectors

  • Project Planners

  • Logistics Coordinators

We understand that the success of construction projects hinges on a well-coordinated team of professionals who are experienced in the specific demands of renewable energy construction, from wind and solar farms to innovative energy storage solutions.

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