New tech to make green hydrogen more cost competitive with fossil fuels

Posted on 18 July 2023

​A UK business has discovered a significant breakthrough in the energy industry’s focus on reducing the costs of green hydrogen. Oxford NanoSystems (OnS) claims they have created a coating process that enhances the production capacity of alkaline electrolysers by over 50%. According to OnS, that significantly lowers the cost compared to existing innovative solutions.

Referred to as ‘nanoflux’, the advanced materials technology company explains that the coating will accelerate the transition toward a hydrogen economy by significantly reducing production costs. It will also tackle the challenge of developing green hydrogen, producing with a combination of water and renewables via electrolysis, even more competitive against fossil fuels. NanoFLUX, an advanced alloy coating applied to electrodes, supports the formation and release of gas bubbles in an electrolyser. As well as enhancing the overall efficiency of the process, the business believes the substance, combined with a specific catalyst, accelerates the entire hydrogen generation reaction.

A separate study delivered by E4Tech, a section of international consultancy ERM Group, has confirmed the significant cost-benefit advantage available with nanoFLUX. Ian Russell, the CEO of OnS, explains that they are delighted with the current results of the benchmarking analysis demonstrating the potential of nanoFLUX. The business is working with leading electrolyser manufacturers to test and further scale the production of nanoFLUX to meet the challenge of considerably reducing the cost associated with green hydrogen production.

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