Officials at COP27 highlight green hydrogen as a significant opportunity for developing countries

Posted on 21 November 2022

As climate discussions came to a close at COP27, a regional representative with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) discussed with local media the potential of green hydrogen in supporting the global transition to clean energy.

Green hydrogen is one of several areas UNIDO focused on at the climate summit. According to Ahmed Rezk, the deputy regional director of UNIDO, their top priorities were a fair transformation of industry and a reduction of carbon emissions. UNIDO focuses on achieving emission reductions by delivering efficient resource use and clean technology and encouraging a reduction in energy-intensive sectors, such as iron and steel.

At COP27, UNIDO agreed to two MOU, one with climate and impact fund manager Camco, and another with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Both agreements intend to strengthen investment in climate-resilient agriculture and support the transition toward sustainable energy through green hydrogen. According to Rezk, green hydrogen represents a significant opportunity for developing nations to transition to clean energy.

Aside from promoting a circular economy, supporting clean energy, green hydrogen and sustainability, UNIDO called for climate justice for the next-gen, further support for a clean energy movement in Africa through green energy and driving circular thinking between a healthy economy and the planet.

Along with these focus areas, UNIDO is working on other projects to encourage a green economy and sustainability in Egypt. Rezk discussed the Inclusive Green Growth project, where the UNIDO is increasing investment in climate-resilient agriculture and supporting the transition towards sustainable energy through green hydrogen, which Rezk believe represents a significant opportunity for developing nations.​

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