Top Energy Storage Projects developed in 2017

Top Energy Storage Projects for 2017

Tuscon Electric Power Storage Facility

2017 has been a notable year for a range of energy storage projects. One project which has gained much exposure is the Tuscon Electric Power solar storage facility. Constructed by NextEra Energy, this project consists of a 100MW solar and combined 30 MW, 120MW energy storage system. The costs associated with the project have been measured as the lowest prices recorded in US history. The project has gained much interest due to developing such an expansive project and make it viable at such low costs.

Arizona Public Service Project

Whilst a considerably smaller project, it has gained much attention for being developed without any statutory or regulatory mandates. The project is being constructed as an alternative to developing an extensive series of transmission lines to provide energy for the Punkin Centre, near Phoenix. Early estimates indicate the batteries will avoid investment into transmission lines for at least the next five years.

National Grid Storage system on Nantucket

The new storage project on the island of Nantucket will allow a new diesel generator to be developed, deferring any investment into the construction of a new subsea cable to the island.

Solar Installation Project, Duke Energy in North Carolina

Earlier this year, Duke Energy gained approval to develop a 10KW solar installation project in the Great Smoky Mountains. The storage system will provide a remote communications facility that is currently served by an overhead transmission line. Duke Energy explain that project cost will be considerably less than maintaining and upgrading the existing facility that runs over the mountainous terrain. Duke energy also intends to invest over $30 million into two additional battery storage systems in North Carolina.

Tesla Storage System at Hornsdale Wind Farm

Just recently Tesla neared completion of a $50 million, 100 MW storage facility at Hornsdale wind farm. The storage facility, which could potentially be the biggest in the world is due to be operational by December.

Vanadium Battery Project Hubei Province

The vanadium flow battery project, measuring a huge 100 MW, 500MWh, is being built by Hubei Pingfan Vanadium Energy Storage Technology company. The Chinese project will highlight the value of flow batteries and may support the economies of scale for developing this technology further.

So Ca Edison and GE Battery-Gas Hybrid System

Earlier this year, Southern California Edison and General Electric completed the world’s first battery-gas turbine hybrid system. The system combines a battery facility with a 50 MW gas turbine. Combining the facilities enables a faster response time and can replace the need to boost gas turbines facilities during short demand peaks. GE believes the hybrid system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50%.