January 2, 2020

Operations and Maintenance

What is Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in Renewable Energy?

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is the final project stage of an asset, that comes in to play once the construction comes to an end and the site is ready for energisation.

O&M specifically refers to the operational function of a physical energy asset. Anyone involved within the Operations and Maintenance phase will look at the technical ‘on the ground’ functioning of the asset, with a focus on optimisation and reliability. Typically, it would be the job of an Operations and Maintenance Lead to ensure any snags and corrective maintenance are closed out, so that the site is operating at full capacity and is kept within the constraints of Health, Safety and Environmental limitations. 

Depending on the size of the developer, this O&M may well be run and make up part of the  wider Asset Management function.

Asset Management covers the much broader life-cycle of overseeing an Energy Asset including risk, commercialisation, financial performance and more. An Operations and Maintenance team would be held to account by the Asset Management team. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is solely focussed on optimising and maintaining the asset from a technical aspect, and the day-to-day operational running of the site.

What does a typical O&M Team do?

  • Delivers value creation through increasing reliability and efficiency of a site. 
  • Optimises operational performance by conducting technical analysis. 
  • Overcomes technical issues, and carries out corrective maintenance.  
  • Manages day to day operation directly, or via third parties. 
  • Oversees high value equipment. 
  • Ensures Health, safety and Environmental legislations are upheld on site.

Why is O&M so important?

Operations and Maintenance are imperative to closing out the end of a project life cycle, as all sites that reach energisation will require O&M in order to ensure they reach their maximum potential. This phase of the project life cycle ensures that the asset is in position to produce optimal energy which in-turn yields the best commercial outcome.

Example Archived Operations and Maintenance Vacancies

Field Service Manager – Distributed Energy

Group Leader sought to oversee Field Service division within fast growth Distributed Energy Developer. The Field Service Manager will motivate and engage a group of up to 10 Field Service Engineers to provide world class Field Service Support for a global fleet of Industrial Gas Turbines, Recip Engines and Battery Energy Storage Assets.

Operations Manager – Biomass CHP Plants


Operations Manager sought to run a portfolio of Biomass CHP plants. Operating as the primary point of contact with the respective plant managers, the successful Operations Manager will oversee the operations and maintenance contractors and manage all site related owner obligations.