Northvolt Vestas to partner on wind-storage integration

Northvolt Vestas to partner on wind-storage integration

Wind turbine developer Vestas is planning an investment of nearly $12 million through a partnership with battery developer Northvolt. The new agreement will involve the integration of energy storage into wind turbine designs, creating a more efficient and predictable output of energy.

Northvolt Vestas Energy Storage

Both companies have recently announced a technological partnership on the development of a new lithium-ion battery for Vestas’ wind turbines.

Over a seven-year period, both companies will work together on a joint development project, combining staff, project resources, and shared skills. Funding from Vestas will go directly towards joint research and product development programs.

Vestas and Northvolt will create a demonstration line and research facility called Northvolt Labs which will be focused on testing and qualifying new products and processes. The chief technology officer of Vestas, Anders Vedel said the partnership will help ‘define, challenge and improve battery storage offerings for customers that need hybrid and storage solutions’.  Vedel believes there is a shared purpose and strategic vision between Vestas and Northvolt.

The business collaboration will also include working on the development of data management systems to optimise storage system performance and provide more information on overall power outputs. “Northvolt, with the support of Vestas, is looking to better understand the needs of the renewable energy sector in order to develop batteries for solution providers and OEMs,” the companies said. “Northvolt is building a next-generation battery factory with the aim to produce the world’s greenest batteries to enable and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.”

The integration of wind with storage is gaining momentum since Vestas announced its recent partnership. Earlier this year, Tesla and Vestas announced a collaboration to combine wind turbine and storage facilities. Back in August, offshore wind developer Deepwater Wind combined with Tesla to construct a 144 MW offshore wind site with a connected 40MWh battery storage system.