Microsoft and Google turning towards wind energy

Microsoft and Google turning towards wind energy

Leading industry business Vattenfall has had a busy week, signing an innovative deal to power one of the biggest technology companies using wind energy as well as making the biggest order for offshore wind turbines in 2017.

The new deal with Microsoft will include an investment of over €200 into repowering and expanding Wieringermeer wind farm facility which consists of 100 turbines.

The Wieringermeer site is expected to be operational by 2019 and will produce enough renewable energy to power nearly 400,000 homes, or the total energy requirements of Microsoft’s international data center. The general manager of energy for Microsoft believes investing into local, clean energy to supply the power for the local data center is a win-win situation for the business and for the Netherlands. Microsoft has emphasized they are dedicated to developing new renewable energy sources to power their data centers.

Microsoft is one of several tech companies who has shown their interest in clean energy. Other tech businesses have claimed that by 2018 they would achieve a 100% renewable energy goal. Google has been investing in wind and solar projects since 2010 and has pledged to achieve this target. Google believe they are on track to hit this achievement after the recent purchase of all the electricity produced from a 114 MW wind farm in Iowa.

Vattenfall is also currently working with Siemens Gamesa on developing a promising project, creating over 110 turbines at three selected sites in Denmark. The tender was recently awarded to design two coastal farms and an additional farm located at Kriegers Flak.  Vattenfall expects to invest over €1.7 billion into this project and expect to be operational before 2022. Once complete, the project is expected to generate close to 1 GW of energy, making it the biggest offshore turbine order in 2017 but also the largest investment the company has ever made in history.

The head of Vattenfall Wind has emphasized that this deal highlights the business commitment towards carbon-free energy. Combining purchases ensures Vattenfall receive a lower price, giving lower construction costs for the offshore wind power.