June 15, 2018

Diamond Generating Europe

Mint selection successfully recruit for Diamond Generating Europe. To date we have supported recruitment within, Asset Management, Portfolio Performance, Investment Management, Business Development, Financial Modelling, Legal and Technical Advisory.


Diamond Generating Europe are a new type of energy company providing clean and smart energy across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They play an active role throughout the power generation lifecycle – from development through to construction and operation. Mint selection were selected alongside other recruitment partners on a contingent basis.


On our first assignment we were aware that at least one other firm had been engaged and thus, contacting our network fast was crucial. Having qualified the required position in detail, Senior Asset Manager, Mint selection created a market map using our network, database, referrals, social media, advertising and job boards. We submitted a short-list of three candidates of which two were interviewed at first stage. Both were asked to return for a second and final interview after which point the client selected their preferred candidate based on an additional skill – previous experience building a Risk Management function.


Since our first engagement, Mint selection have been asked, alongside other agencies, to look at additional positions;

* Investment Manager

* Financial Modelling Lead

* Portfolio Performance Analyst

* Business Development Manager

Since the first engagement, Mint selection have had a 100% success rate in filling positions. We look forward to a continued relationship as the Power & Energy Fund continues to grow.

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