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About Hayley

Hayley is a renewable energy recruiter with market expertise in Project Development and Asset Management. With prior experience in the planning side of developing assets including solar farms, onshore wind, battery storage sites and EV charging; now recruiting for clients including developers, IPPs, investment funds and consultancies. Passionate about tackling climate change and building the teams that are working to solve the climate crisis by developing, managing and optimising a range of renewable energy assets.

What others say:

"​Hayley helped me to achieve my first role as an Asset Manager. It has been a pleasure to co-operate with her on shifting my career into a very new role. I found Hayley to be highly professional, supporting and motivating throughout the whole process. She was also very reachable keeping a high level of contact throughout, always happy to help and able to answer most questions, or find out the answers very quickly. This made the whole process highly productive and meant that I had a very positive experience."

Curtis Higgins - Asset Manager, Green Nation

​"Hayley is great at her job! She understands perfectly well the needs of her clients. Also, I do appreciate how, as a candidate, she helped me out through the whole recruitment process with good advice and constant support. Thanks a lot, Hayley! You made the transition very smooth for me."

Agustin Rodriguez - Project Development Manager, Alfanar Energia Espana

Outside of work Hayley plays lacrosse internationally and enjoys playing netball, walking her dog and cooking (and eating!)

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