February 22, 2019


Experts in clean energy recruitment

One of our driving beliefs is that we can do more than energy recruitment. As experts within our respective niche, we are able to provide market information, facilitate introductions, and contribute to industry content, exceeding our client and candidates expectations and enabling their growth.

In Cleantech, available talent is heavily fought for, so we keep our pulse on top candidates and coach you on how to highlight to future superstars how they can achieve their dream careers by joining your team.


An agency committed to your requirements


In fast-moving, disruptive industries like energy, we know that time wasted looking for the ideal candidate is lost momentum your company will never recover. That’s why our agency prides itself in mirroring your level of commitment. If a requirement is urgent for you, it becomes urgent for us and expectations are exceeded. Depending on the business type, the number of employees and recruitment requirements, we will compile the right mix of services to ensure your business can attract and retain the best available talent. We use our market expertise to do all the pre-shortlist and post-offer work for you. 

Our range of specialist energy recruitment services

We use our specialist knowledge and extensive network of contacts alongside our proven search methodology to successfully deliver bespoke search and selection projects. Our best of breed technology platforms, combined with our personal and trusted relationships with candidates, creates environments where true matchmaking is possible.

Our wealth of knowledge on competitor reward schemes, recruitment processes and brand perceptions in each country or region is vital for those clients, ensuring their roles are attractive to the best talent. Partnering our clients to ensure the management team they select is the best in the market means future recruitment is more likely to be successful.

We only represent the most dynamic and growth-oriented companies in a handful of emerging segments within Clean Energy Recruitment.

By working within specific micro-markets, we maximise our deep alliances with the top preforming talent in each sector. 

We operate within a range of core energy sectors including energy storage, energy finance, smart energy and investment markets. Contact Mint Selection Recruitment for more information.

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