February 22, 2019


A specialist recruitment agency dedicated to the clean energy market.

Mint Selection is a trusted advisor to many of the renewable energy and clean technology industries’ most high profile talent. We aim to meet all of our candidates in person to truly understand their strengths, experiences and listen to their aspirations for the future. By doing this we can keep all candidates in touch with the latest market trends, renewable energy jobs and developments within the market.

The number of roles available is expanding faster than the talent pool and competition for top talent across all energy disciplines is fierce. As a result, Mint Selection work with a broad range of employers in order to offer choice. When our candidates take that decision we work closely with them to identify the best career path options available.


CV Presentation.

CVs we receive are generally of a very high standard. Even so, there are always improvements to be discovered by a fresh pair of eyes that see hundreds of CVs every week. It is also important to tailor a CV to the opportunity in question and through the interview process and beyond our consultants will work with you on your CV to make it as engaging and attractive as possible to our clients.


Insights into how you can stand out from the crowd, with suggestions on job search strategy, what questions to ask and when, appearance for interviews and other small details that will make your job search a successful one.

Interview Technique.

Interviews can take many different formats. Knowing our clients’ processes intimately through years of working with them we can give advice on who you will meet, what to expect, preparation you can do in advance and techniques for making a good impression that will steal the competitive edge.