BMW developing a new vehicle with next-generation battery range

BMW developing a new vehicle with next-generation battery range

BMW has recently announced they will invest over 200 million euros into the development of advanced battery technology, dramatically increasing the range available from its plug-in models.

BMW will be launching the Battery Competence Centre which will open in early 2019 and will support the business’s electric mobility strategy. The newly established center will focus on new battery technology and how to put this into the production stage.

Improvements in battery cell technology will implement a new range of electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid models for the marketplace by 2021. There are also industry rumors that longer range models will also be made available with battery upgrades planning in the next year, increasing the available range in their vehicle collection.

The new technology developments will extend the range of total electric vehicles up to more than 430 miles, and the overall range of its PHEV models to approximately 60 miles.

A key aspect of the development by BMW is their efforts to remove the use of rare earth materials in its batteries and motors. All development with battery technology will also follow a modular system, giving BMW the capability to scale its models for different sized platforms.