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Data, Software and analytics are the key areas of the digital transformation within the energy industry and have the ability to contribute to the development of a more efficient and cost effective process of energy generation. There is now further pressure to create a more sustainable energy source to tackle the challenges faced within the energy sector.  Data and analytics can play a crucial role generating a more efficient and sustainable form of energy production. 

Data and analytics plays a major importance in providing a secure, cost effective and efficient source of energy to communities worldwide. Over 1 billion people currently live without electricity worldwide and urban areas, that contain over half the total world's population are pressured to provide an efficient, cost effective and clean supply of energy. Energy access and affordability are crucial in combating poverty alleviation and and cleaner energy is critical in mitigating climate change.

Big data and advanced analytics is a growing focus area of innovation that can help address many of the current challenges faced within the energy industry in the developing world. The World Bank Group is focused on developing these new data technologies and improving the use of open and advanced analytics to improve access to affordable, efficient and sustainable sources of energy. This is driven particularly through the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative


The renewable industry and in particular the solar sector is rapidly utilising techniques of implementing data to improve the efficiency and cost of the solar energy market. 

The improvements and development of new data tools are increasing investment into new businesses to analyse and utilise this data to solve challenges within the solar sector. There has been major investment into measuring and analysing data from various solar projects worldwide to reduce the overall process of energy generation from solar.

Data techniques can potentially help reduce of cost of solar to a point where it is competitive with other traditional energy sources i.e. fossil fuels, reducing costs to solar businesses and assisting in the drive towards cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy generation.

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